In relation to the churches of the municipality, the one of the Acisclo and Victoria Saints in Lamata dates from the 16th century, and the one of Escanilla (San Saturnino) is from the 18th century. The Asunción church in Abizanda was built outside the village in the 16th century, in the transitional period from the Gothic to the Renaissance, maintaining a magnificent vault of cross ribs and outside the typical arches of the Aragonese Renaissance style.

The tower of Escanilla was possibly built in the 11th century to strengthen the visual line between the castles of Abizanda and Samitier. It can be visited following the G.R. 1 path or the historic path between Ligüerre and Abizanda.
Torre de Escanilla
Iglesia de la Asunción. Abizanda
Sendero G.R. 1
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