Come and look! The puppeteers have in Abizanda a small theatre and a museum of puppets. They like to receive the friends; they say to them when they come:

“You are all very welcome to the Puppet House… Before coming in, rub your hands, open your heart, wake your smile up, and be ready to see with the kind look when contemplating fables, as the comedy is about to start. Inside my puppeteer friends are waking up the dolls, adjusting the threads, tuning the bagpipes… Come in to laugh, to enjoy yourselves, to dream, as man doesn’t only live of TV and hurries. When you are inside, the silence must be so deep that if the swallow living under the eave speaks to its babies, we can hear it, and if Simona’s ghost, the housekeeper who used to live here, wants to tell us something, we must also be able to hear it.
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